History of magnetic hard drive and SSD prices

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The shortage of hard drives (hdd) has increased prices over the last couple of months. Flooding in Thailand knocked out major manufacturing outlets for Western Digital and Seagate, crippling production. Now that hard drive prices have increased, have you switched, or thought about switching over to SSD’s? Why in the hell not!? There are so many reason to move over to SSD’s, but that is not why you are reading this article. Let’s get down to it.

Image courtesy Pingdom.com

If you are looking at raw storage and cost, it will be cheaper to use traditional magnetic disk storage. However, if you are about performance, SSD’s are the way to go. When hdd’s came to market in around 1996, they cost $56.30 per gigabyte. When SSD’s came to market, they were $40 per gigabyte. Currently, we are seeing prices for magnetic/SSD at about 1:2. I will tell you, Artur Bergman will tell you and others will tell you, SSD’s are the only way to go, hands down.

Key Facts (courtesy Pingdom.com)

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