How to browse the filesystem in Google CR-48

published January 10th, 2011 | categories: CR-48, Hardware, how-to | all categories

Google’s CR-48 is designed as a machine running in the cloud. However, users still feel the need to access the file system for further ease of use and just because they can. I have no problem with that. A specific example of the need to access the file system is when you have a USB stick inserted and you want to easily transfer files to and from the CR-48.

The easiest method thus far is to create symbolic links in your Downloads folder, which is accessible by depressing the “ctrl” “o” keys at the same time. The pre-requisite for creating symbolic links is to have Developer Mode and the Advanced File System enabled. You can enable the Advanced File System by navigating to about:flags in your address bar.¬†Once you are enabled in both respects, enter shell and type in the command for symbolic link creation.

ln -s /link/location/ /home/chronos/user/Downloads/link-name

Once you have any symbolic links created that you want, test them out.


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