IE10 Platform Preview Screenshots

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Microsoft is in one big hurry to push development of Internet Explorer (IE) out the door. IE10 Platform Preview is available for download at http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Info/Downloads/Default.html. Clearly, the browser is nowhere near ready for live use. However, IE9 and 10 are both marked improvements in overall speed and functionality. Major changes in IE10 include CSS3 features (Flexbox), Grid Alignment, Multi-column, and Gradients on background images. IE10 comes with ECMAScript5 Strict Mode.

Default homepage

SaveAs dialog

Still, we can only SaveAs .TXT or .HTML. Hopefully, there will be a .PDF option in the future. I know, I know – Platform Release…

Opening a webpage

Development Tools

Debug mode

About dialog showing versioning

Screenshots collected 13Apr11 on W7

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