Nexus One: Google’s free smartphone?

published December 17th, 2009 | categories: Google | all categories

The rumormills are absolutely on fire with talks of a free phone from Google. Blogs and other media have been saturated with articles about Nexus One, Google’s supposed attempt at knocking down the iPhone with the Google Phone.

Some of the rumors surrounding the phone suggest that some or all of the razor thin phones will be free to consumers. The revenue for such an endeavor would derive from ads ported onto the phone. Free phone please, count me in. The Android OS would be terrific with Google Voice – thinking out-loud… The Google Phone will be an unlocked GSM phone, which means that carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile have a crack at getting into the bandwidth game.


as reported by tnkgrl

- There’s a 4 GB micro-SD card installed
- The battery capacity is 1400 mAh
- The screen appears to be OLED (same size/resolution as the Motorola Droid)
- 3G works on T-Mobile USA :)
- I can confirm that there’s no 3G on AT&T (EGDE only)
- It’s definitely unlocked
- It’s super snappy! Faster than the Droid…
- There’s no multitouch support in the browser or in Google Maps
- There’s no dedicated camera key, but it’s the same camera interface as the Droid
- The trackball can be used to focus (like on other HTC devices)
- Low-light performance is decent, but the flash is weak
- Calls are routed the normal way, not using data (VoIP), and sound fine
- The home screen is divided into 5 panes (like the Sense interface on theHTC Hero)
- It’s using a micro-USB connector for data/power
- There are some gold contacts at the bottom edge, for a dock perhaps?
- Did I mention it’s fast?

–end report

The Google Phone is scheduled to launch sometime in early 2010, just after the Christmas holidays.

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