Ripping and transcoding blu-ray in Ubuntu 10.04

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I recently ordered a blu-ray reader from TigerDirect. The goal of the hardware purchase was so that I can backup my personal collection for streaming over my LAN. I ended up with an LG 10X Blu Ray ROM/DVDRW Combo OEM.

Normally, you could use Handbrake and complete a 1 step transcode from a DVD directly to an m4v. However, there is an extra step that you need prior to transcoding blu-ray data. Go ahead and grab a copy of DBDFab HD Decryptor. It is a Windows programs, however it runs perfectly under Ubuntu Wine.

Once installed, open up DVDFab and and rip the largest file on the disc, or select to rip the movie only. It should be around 30GB. Ripping takes around 45 minutes. Next, fire up Handbrake and transcode the file using the H264 codec. Transcoding takes a good 3 hours and ends up being around 4-8GB in size, versus around 1.1GB with a DVD.

Audio and Directors Commentary

The first attempt at ripping and transcoding was, for the most part, a success. However, The final product reveals that the Directors Commentary was included in the the film, which was overlaid atop the actors and actresses voices. When conducting the original rip, you need to find the audio settings on DVDFab and uncheck the bottom-most audio selection. You want to end up with the 5.1 audio only.


Take a look at this guide for covernting blu-ray using MakeMKV - makemkv.pdf. If you decided to use this route, I was unsuccessful, you will need the files below.


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