Shuttleworth Announces Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin Goals

published October 20th, 2011 | categories: Canonical | all categories

Mark Shuttleworth, found of Canonical, revealed the direction for the future Long Term Service (LTS), Precise Pangolin (v.12.04). Today marks the 7th Anniversary of Ubuntu. I nsummary,

The Server

Shuttleworth has outlined the goals that he wants to develop for v.12.04 Server, which include:

Additionally, Shuttleworth will focus Ubuntu LTS as a leader in Cloud infrastructure development.

The Desktop

The last 2 Ubuntu releases have been difficult for Ubuntu users. Unity has been a major paradigm shift for the desktop display from Gnome to Unity. The LTS will focus on:

My Opinion

Ubuntu 10.10-11.10 really lost my interest. The shift from a light and simple desktop to a bug filled and system resource heavy Unity took me aback and further tightened my grip on Lucid (v.10.04). Last year I began operation of a public Ubuntu Lucid mirror and software repository on my home servers. All of my servers currently operate Ubuntu 10.04. I fully intend on firing up another server for the Pangolin mirror come April. However, I really hope that the simplicity and functionality are not siphoned away in lieu of progress. That would be a shame.

Good luck to Canonical and Ubuntu! I look forward to the April 26, 2012 release party!

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