Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid Lynx changes and proposed artwork

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Posts around various forums and wiki have people wondering about theme changes for Ubuntu 10.4. The next version of Ubuntu due out sometime in April 2010, will be Long Term Service or LTS release. A proposed Metacity theme has subtle theme changes that reflect the time of day.




It appears that this particular theme mixes elements and light and dark. While it is an average appearing theme, these three theme variations would best serve Ubuntu to have them transition based on the user’s time of day. This configuration would likely require the use of Extra Visual Effects, but it might encourage users with a highly defined GUI experience to try the distribution.

Software changes in Lucid repalce the famed GIMP photo editor with F-Spot and Eye-of-Gnome. Developers believe that GIMP is too complex for the typical user. Here is hoping that it will still be available in the repositories.  Unless significant upgrades are made to F-Spot, GIMP is still my editor of choice.

Lucid Lynx will also add more brain teaser games such as Gbrainy as will as a simple backup tool similar to BackinTime. Rythmbox is also being reconsidered for the like of Banshee. While many of these changes are not definite, GIMP has been determined as a form change.

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