Windows 8 Developer Preview Screenshots and Features

published September 14th, 2011 | categories: Browsers, Companies, IE, Microsoft | all categories

Microsoft’s Windows 8 made its entrance to Developers today. The final release date is slated for sometime next year, however Microsoft has made available a free download in both 32 and 64 bit versions. The timing of this major system release still has me curious. I believe that the release of Vista really frazzled people, which brought us to Windows 7 rather quickly as a repair and confidence booster. While a large chunk of consumers may still be on XP, I have to wonder why Microsoft would release Windows 8 so close to Windows 7. Employers have likely just shelled out the cash for a Windows 7 upgrade and will not likely move to Windows 8 any time soon. However, with Microsoft’s failure to adequately reach into the mobile market, this may be their chance to see what Windows 8 can do for them in this arena.

Things that I Like 

IE10 is not as much as a pain in the ass for web developers like previous versions of IE

Built-in RSS Feed manager

Task Manager provides more details about EVERYTHING

I love the Task Manager

Things that I Don’t Like


The default mobile-like interface is annoying

It looks like the OS cannot decide whether to use the mobile or Desktop interface

I still don't like having to dig through the Control Panel to find things

You can download all 28 screenshots here as a ZIP or view them on Picasa.

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