Integrate YOURLS URL Shortener with your WordPress Blog

published May 25th, 2011 | categories: CMS, server-side, Wordpress | all categories

Just about everyone has a blog these days. Blogs provide an outlet for sharing your day, technical knowledge, or other ideas. You can further extend your personal expression by utilizing your own personal URL shortener such as YOURLS. This project is a server-side URL shortener which requires a MySQL database and PHP5. Once configured, you have a couple of popular options.

You can use your new URL shortener and manually shorten links with the supplied bookmarklet. Or, you can install the YOURLS WordPress to Twitter plugin to create short links and post your blog to Twitter. The benefit of using your own URL shortener is that it creates brand recognition and you control your own services. You do not rely upon bit.ly or other URL shortening services to post your links.

From now on, expect to see links to this blog posted with a http://nwlinux.co shortlink.

YOURLS WordPress to Twitter plugin configuration page

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