Translating Things to Common Sense Explanations

  • American Ruck Paincake and the GoRuck Rucker 4.0

    The American Ruck Paincake is a gem all by itself. It is well suited for bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press, or any other weighted exercise you find yourself doing. I just picked up a Rucker 4.0 | 20L from I wanted a way to go out for a walk and add some extra […]

  • Books to Read in 2023

    Here are the books that I have read in 2023 as of 13Mar23. March The Pentagon: A history by Steve Vogel February Leadership, Strategy, and Tactics by Jocko Willink (audiobook) Ego, Authority, Failure by Derek Gaunt January Be the Calm or the Storm by Captain Sandy Yawn The Full Fee Agent by Chris Voss and […]

  • What Things Should I Take with me to Cancun?

    Cancun is a beautiful place. My wife and I saw quite a few very unhappy parents with children. Folks that stayed at the Hyatt Dreams resort didn’t seem to relax as much as those without children. With that said, here are the things that I brought and a few things that I wish that I […]

  • Fraud Losses and Efficiency Ratio

    When a financial institution (FI) reports fraud losses, it can be in the hundreds of thousands annually for smaller FIs (<$2 M) and millions per year in larger companies and cooperatives. However, what you don’t necessarily hear about are fraud losses normalized for that particular FI’s efficiency ratio. An efficiency ratio is the percentage of […]

  • How to Download Videos from Facebook

    As you scroll through your Facebook feed, you might come across videos that you want to download. This solution won’t require any 3rd part software or cost. When scrolling and you come to a video, you can either click on the video to watch it or click the three dots on the right-hand side of […]

  • Install Profile (.CER) on iOS 16.2 and NextDNS

    I had a heck of a time understanding why I was not seeing the NextDNS profile I downloaded from my NextDNS configuration page. I used the Kagi developed web browser Orion to download the .CER file. Once I moved the file out of the download directory and into the files root directory, the .CER was […]

  • Sending Back the Amazon Scribe

    I tried the Scribe for a week. The primary reason for my return was the software maturity. I have tried and owned the Supernote and the Remarkable. The Supernote was a pretty good tablet, but the screen felt very sticky and it was thick compared to the Remarkable. The Scribe was a reasonably good Kindle […]

  • How to Export PDFs from Amazon Scribe

    The first night of using my Amazon Scribe was underwhelming. I generally read before bed. Instead of using my Kindle, I tried out my Scribe. It was very heavy in comparison to a standard Kindle and I could not read the bottom of the Scribe too well at the angle that I was laying in […]

  • Will the Amazon Scribe Replace my Remarkable 2?

    I just can’t help it. I love gadgets. When I read about the Amazon Scribe, I was excited about the prospect of having a Kindle reader AND digital paper. I use my Remarkable 2 for pretty much everything. The large screen make the Scribe a fantastic eBook reader. However, the reader and the Notebooks feel […]

  • Best Books of 2022 for Leadership and Personal Growth

    This year – 2022 – has been a wild ride, with two changes in employers and a large amount of personal growth. In June, I attended my first Muster with Echelon Front leadership development group in Denver and a professional conference in Nashville the following week. The most prevalent skill that I needed throughout this […]

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