Alternatives to Neeva Search Engine

With Neeva search ( shutting down on June 2, 2023, customers will have very few ad-free and private search engines. With that said, I have two search engines that I can recommend.


I had been using two paid search engines at the same time. Both had their perks, but I really love Kagi search ( They focus on their primary product – search.

Kagi’s search results are extremely relevant, accurate, and don’t have any ads. Kagi is a paid search engine with a variety of search and capabilities packages to choose from.

Brave Search

With the news that Neeva will be shutting down its consumer search product, I also found Brave Search ( It has a Premium paid version for $3/month, but I am a little confused about it. There is no password to the paid account, so I don’t understand the benefit from the paid version.


I started using Kagi in February of 2022. Kagi has always focused on it’s core strength – search. The results get better and better. I strongly recommend Kagi as your ad-free, paid search provider.