American Ruck Paincake and the GoRuck Rucker 4.0

The American Ruck Paincake is a gem all by itself. It is well suited for bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder press, or any other weighted exercise you find yourself doing.

I just picked up a Rucker 4.0 | 20L from I wanted a way to go out for a walk and add some extra pounds – comfortably. After reading a few pages on the American Ruck website about best practices for carrying the Paincake, I decided to buy the GoRuck Rucker 4.0 because of its small size and versatility. Pairing the Paincake with the Rucker 4.0 was the natural choice.

When the Rucker 4.0 arrived, I immediately put the Paincake in the velcro slot and tried it on. Well, let me rewind a little. It is a SUPER snug fit the first couple of times. I put it in the pouch backwards one time to get the pouch a little loosened up. It fits like a glove now.

The first trial ruck last night was only a mile, but it gave me a feel for the weight distribution and fit. After coming back from the ruck, I checked my mailbox and found that the hip belt had arrived while I was gone. The moly strap is a little bit of a pain at first, but I realized that I was trying too hard 🙂

You can’t go wrong with the Paincake and Rucker4.0. I highly recommend it!