Best Books of 2022 for Leadership and Personal Growth

This year – 2022 – has been a wild ride, with two changes in employers and a large amount of personal growth. In June, I attended my first Muster with Echelon Front leadership development group in Denver and a professional conference in Nashville the following week. The most prevalent skill that I needed throughout this tumultuous year was leadership. More specifically, I needed to build and call upon these relationships to help me see and understand that next thing. Here are the books of 2022 that helped me develop and understand the power of relationships and leadership.

Never Finished by David Goggins

My Life in Full: Work, Family, and our Future by Indra Nooyi

The Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babbin

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss

Hal Moore on Leadership by Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (USA, Ret.) and Mike Guardia

The Attributes by Rich Divinney

Peril by Rob Woodward and Robert Costa

Atomic Habits by James Clear

License to Pawn by Rick Harrison

The Story of Wake Island by James P.S. Devereux







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