Goldmyer Hot Springs

I had reservations for the hot springs on November 2, 2018. After a morning drive from Tacoma, we hit the forest service road and drove the 10 or so miles of pot-holed road. There are a few small stream crossings and a larger washout. The latter can be crossed with a Subaru Forrester or Outback. You'll need 4WD unless you are feeling adventurous.

Once you reach the end of the road, there will be a larger trailhead parking area. Once parked, head straight through the gate to reach Goldmyer or take the trail behind the restrooms. I didn't take the trail. There is a 2 log foot bridge without hand rails. The largely abandoned forest service road is a straight shot to the fork to Goldmyer, which is well marked.

You'll walk around 4 miles to the fork - you'll take a right.

Down the hill you go and over a substanative bridge, take a right to the hot springs. Stop at the caretaker's house to check in. From the house, you'll take a hard left and walk around a quarter of a mile to the hot springs. We only had 3 people throught the time we were there.