How to Export PDFs from Amazon Scribe

The first night of using my Amazon Scribe was underwhelming. I generally read before bed. Instead of using my Kindle, I tried out my Scribe. It was very heavy in comparison to a standard Kindle and I could not read the bottom of the Scribe too well at the angle that I was laying in bed. I was also stewing about my lack of understanding how to export a PDF from the Scribe. However, I found the solution.

To enable the option to export a PDF from within the Scribe, you have to use Amazon’s Send to Kindle page at Once the file or files are uploaded, they will show up in “Your recent items.” Open up the file and start marking up your file using the Scribe pencil. Once you are finished, touch the three vertical dots and select “Share.”

Next, select the email address you want to send the document to.

Once complete, you should be greeted by the following dialog box indicating the file was sent.

In my email box, I received a digital link to download the file.