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  • How to Export PDFs from Amazon Scribe

    The first night of using my Amazon Scribe was underwhelming. I generally read before bed. Instead of using my Kindle, I tried out my Scribe. It was very heavy in comparison to a standard Kindle and I could not read the bottom of the Scribe too well at the angle that I was laying in […]

  • Will the Amazon Scribe Replace my Remarkable 2?

    I just can’t help it. I love gadgets. When I read about the Amazon Scribe, I was excited about the prospect of having a Kindle reader AND digital paper. I use my Remarkable 2 for pretty much everything. The large screen make the Scribe a fantastic eBook reader. However, the reader and the Notebooks feel […]

  • Best Books of 2022 for Leadership and Personal Growth

    This year – 2022 – has been a wild ride, with two changes in employers and a large amount of personal growth. In June, I attended my first Muster with Echelon Front leadership development group in Denver and a professional conference in Nashville the following week. The most prevalent skill that I needed throughout this […]

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