Windows and Mac Docking Station and Workspace Setup

I recently moved from my personal Microsoft Windows based environment to a Mac/iOS environment. I work from home often and use the same hardware, minus the computer (e.g. webcam, microphone, speakers, scanner, monitor). My work computer is Windows based, so I needed a dock and setup that was compatible with both platforms.

As I found out, my Dell dock was not compatible with my Mac Mini’s Thunderbolt 4/USB-C output. I wanted to use the same hardware, but needed a new dock to support both machines. After searching on a couple of forums and websites, I found the perfect hardware for me.

The Pluggable 16 in 1 Thunderbolt 4 dock features enough ports for all my needs and supports my work Windows machine – .

At $299, it is not the cheapest dock. But, it has all of the ports that I needed for changing over my person computing ecosystem, while maintaining my work Windows compatibility.